Poplar Creek Detailed Watershed Plan (DWP)
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Poplar Creek DWP    
Volume 2: Volume 2 (Cont.) Appendix A:
Volume 2 Cover Page Figure 3.2.1 Poplar Creek Tributary A Detail WP Appendix A Narrative
Figure ES1 Watershed Overall Figure 3.3.1 Poplar Creek East Branch Detail WP Appendix A Panels
Figure 2.2.1 Problem Locations Figure 3.4.1 Poplar Creek Schaumburg Branch Detail WP Appendix B CCSMP Chapter 6
Figure 2.3.1 Watershed Monitoring Locations Figure 3.4.2 Poplar Creek Schaumburg Alternate PSCH-1 Appendix C Curve Number Calculation
Figure 2.3.2 Subwatershed Figure 3.5.1 Poplar Creek Railroad Tributary Detail WP Appendix D:
Figure 2.3.3 Topography Figure 3.5.2 Poplar Creek Railroad Alternative PCRR-1 Appendix D Survey
Figure 2.3.4 Soil Groups Figure 3.6.1 South Branch Detail WP LSSI Certification
Figure 2.3.5 Land Use Figure 3.7.1 Lord's Park Tributary Detail WP DB Sterlin Certification
Figure 2.3.6 Wetlands Figure 3.8.1 Flint Creek Detail WP Appendix F Depth Damage Curves
Figure 2.3.7 Riparian Areas Figure 3.9.1 Flint Creek Tributary Detail WP Appendix G Hydrologic Model Parameters
Figure 3.1.1 Mainstem Detail WP-1 Figure 3.10.1 Spring Creek Detail WP-1 Appendix H Hydraulic Profiles
Figure 3.1.4 PCMS-2 Figure 3.10.2 Spring Creek Alternative SCTD-1 Appendix I Cost Estimates
Figure 3.1.5 PCMS-3 Figure 3.11.1 Brewster Creek Detail WP-1  
Figure 3.1.6 PCMS-4 Figure 3.11.2 Brewster Creek Alternative BMCS-1  
Figure 3.1.7 PCMS-5 Figure 3.12.1 West Branch DuPage River Detail WP-1  
  Figure 3.12.2 West Branch DuPage Alternative WBMS-1