Investor Relations


Bond Financing for The District’s Capital Improvement Program

The District benefits from:

  • AA+/Stable Outlook and AAA/Stable Outlook credit ratings (as of 5/27/16)

  • A proactive approach to addressing pension concerns, generous general fund reserves, diverse tax base and the flexibility to control costs.

  • Structurally balanced financial operations, manageable debt load, and history of prudent financial stewardship.

The District issues bonds when capital requirements need to be met. Treasury ensures on-time payments to bond holders; maintains ongoing efficient debt structure; monitors the debt service extension base capacity; and maintains the District’s outstanding credit ratings. For more on the District’s debt management program, please click on the links below.

The full faith and credit of the District is pledged to the punctual payment of the principal and interest on its General Obligation Bonds. The Unlimited Tax Bonds are payable from a designated property tax levy without limitation as to rate or amount. The limited Tax Bonds are payable from a designated property tax levy without limitation as to rate, but are limited as to amount. See definitions of Debt Service Base Extension Limitation in the offering documents. Funds raised by such levies are remitted directly to the District Treasurer and immediately deposited in the bond and interest funds for payment of the bonds.

Current Ratings

Bond Ratings for 2016 Series A-F (as of 05/27/16)

  Standard & Poors Fitch Ratings*
MWRD General Obligation Bonds AA+ AAA
*Fitch Ratings affirmed the District’s AAA rating on May 24,2018

Bond Ratings (as of 12/21/2018; excludes 2014 and 2016 Series of Bonds)

  Moody's Investor Services
MWRD General Obligation Bonds Aa2
Note: Clicking on the rating will direct you to the most recent published rating report from corresponding rating agency.


*All historical information speaks as of its date and the issuer has no express or implied obligation to continuously update information. District is not responsible for any technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, omissions, etc.