Categories of Records (Listed by Department)

Please note that all records are subject to the exemptions listed in FOIA. Thus, some might be considered exempt from disclosure.


Maintenance and Operations (M&O)

 M&O contract information

 Combined Sewer Overflow information

 Rain Gauge Data

 Tunnel and Reservoir Plan

 Site remediation

 Water levels

 Plant data (monthly reports)

 Construction records

 Energy records (some information available in Plant data)

 Equipment records

Monitoring and Research (M&R)

 User Charge info

 Pretreatment Program

 Discharge Authorizations

 Sampling information

 Lab records

 Final reports for research projects

 Quality control logs

 Special investigations

 Fish survey records

 Odor complaints and investigations

 Sediment/ water quality files

 Chicago Area Waterways Water Quality Data

 Biosolids Management

 Environmental management system

 Promotional materials


Bond info

 Currency data

 Investment inventory records

 Tax information

 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report


 Payment bonds

 Certified payroll

 Contract payments

 Copies of bills

 Employee expense records

 Vendor payments (listed in Clerk’s report)

 Annual Clerk’s report

 Appropriations (listed in Budget Book)

 Expenditures (listed in Comprehensive Annual Finance Report)


 Bank reconciliations

 Disbursement report

 Comprehensive Annual Finance Report


Information Technology

 Email data

 Phone bills


 Contracts (specifications, payments, correspondence)

 Sewer permits (Click here for information on obtaining sewer permits)

 Sewer atlas pages

 GIS information

 Construction files

 Cook County Stormwater Management Plan

 Watershed Management Ordinance

 TARP Status report



 Contract information



 Bid results

 Purchase orders

General Administration

 Budget information

 Fleet information

 Police reports

 Affirmative Action information

 Performance audits and studies

 Building/ equipment maintenance records

 District brochures

 Photographs and glass slides

 Building/ gate entry register

 Motor vehicle incident reports

Human Resources (HR)

 General employee information

  • Diversity Report

 Exam information

 Training information

 Benefits information

 Collective bargaining/ labor information

 Safety information

  • Training
  • Safety equipment
  • OSHA information

 Personnel Rules

 MWRD Personnel Act



 Environmental remediation



 Intergovernmental agreements