North Branch of the Chicago River Detailed Watershed Plan (DWP) and Phase B Report


Volume 1
Volume 1 Cover Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Watershed Characteristics
Section 3 - Tributary Characteristics and Analysis
Section 4 - Watershed Action Plan
Section 5 - Summary and Conclusion
Section 6 - References
  Volume 2 - Figures
Volume 2 Cover Page
Figure ES.1 NBCR Watershed Overview
Figure 2.2.1 Problem Locations
Figure 2.3.1 Watershed Monitoring Locations
Figure 2.3.2 Subwatersheds
Figure 2.3.3 Topography & Drainage Networks
Figure 2.3.4 Hydrologic Soil Groups
Figure 2.3.5 Land Use
Figure 2.3.6 National Wetland Inventory
Figure 2.3.7 Riparian Areas
Figure 3.1.1a Tributary Overview - West Fork
Figure 3.1.1b Tributary Overview - West Fork
Figure 3.1.2 Alternative WF-03
Figure 3.1.3a Alternative WF-06
Figure 3.1.3b Alternative WF-19
Figure 3.1.3c Alternative WF-20
Figure 3.1.3d Alternative WF-21
Figure 3.2.1 Tributary Overview - Middle Fork
Figure 3.2.2 Alternative MF-04
Figure 3.2.3 Alternative MF-06
Figure 3.2.4 Alternative MF-07
Figure 3.3.1 Tributary Overview - Skokie River
Figure 3.3.2 Alternative SR-08
Figure 3.4.1a Tributary Overview - NBCR Mainstem Upstream
Figure 3.4.1b Tributary Overview - NBCR Mainstem Upstream
Figure 3.4.1c Tributary Overview - NBCR Mainstem Upstream
Figure 3.4.2a Alternative MS-10
Figure 3.4.2b Alternative MS-07
Figure 3.4.3a Alternative MS-14
Figure 3.4.3b Alternative MS-12
Figure 3.5.1 Tributary Overview - North Shore Channel
Figure 3.6.1 Tributary Overview - NBCR Mainstem Downstream
Figure 3.7.1a Tributary Overview - Lake Michigan
Figure 3.7.1b Tributary Overview - Lake Michigan


Appendix A - DWP Inundation Area and FEMA Floodplain Comparison
Appendix A 17031C0088J
Appendix A 17031C0089J
Appendix A 17031C0093J
Appendix A 17031C0094J
Appendix A 17031C0226J
Appendix A 17031C0227J
Appendix A 17031C0231J
Appendix A 17031C0232J
Appendix A 17031C0233J
Appendix A 17031C0234J
Appendix A 17031C0241J
Appendix A 17031C0242J
Appendix A 17031C0243J
Appendix A 17031C0244J
Appendix A 17031C0251J
Appendix A 17031C0253J
Appendix A 17031C0255J
Appendix A 17031C0260J
Appendix A 17031C0265J
Appendix A 17031C0382J
Appendix A 17031C0385J
Appendix A 17031C0401J
Appendix A 17031C0402J
Appendix A 17031C0404J
Appendix A 17031C0415J
Appendix A 17031C0416J
Appendix A 17031C0417J
Appendix A 17031C0418J
Appendix A 17031C0419J
Appendix A 17031C0438J
Appendix B - Chapter 6 of the CCSMP
Appendix C - Curve Number Calculation
Appendix D - Field Survey Overview Map
Appendix E - NBCR Downstream Boundary Condition
Appendix F - Depth Damage Curves
Appendix G - Hydrologic Model Parameters

Appendix H - Hydrologic Profiles

West Fork
Middle Fork
Skokie River
Mainstem NBCR Upstream
North Shore Channel
Mainstem NBCR Downstream
Lake Michigan
Appendix I - Project Cost Estimates
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