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Three ways to use compost - mulch, est. plants and grass, potting soil blends


Once you place your order, a District staff member will call you to schedule delivery when material and transportation are available. EQ Compost Order Form

Minimum 10 cubic yard delivery available within Cook County for:

Non-Profit Organizations


Benefits include: 

Increased infiltration and water holding capacity
Longer retention of nutrients for better uptake by plants
Improved topsoil structure and porosity for a better plant root environment

Bring your own buckets, bags and shovels to pick up free compost at six MWRD water reclamation plants.

Click on a Plant map for precise compost locations and time of availability.

Calumet WRP
400 E 130th Street, Chicago

Egan WRP
550 S Meacham, Schaumburg

Hanover Park WRP
1220 Sycamore Ave., Hanover Park

Kirie WRP
701 W Oakton St., Des Plaines

Lemont WRP
5 Stephen Street, Lemont

O’Brien WRP
3500 Howard Street, Skokie

Stickney WRP
6001 W. Pershing Rd., Cicero

Dump Truck Pick up
If you prefer to pick up a dump truck’s worth of compost, please call (773) 256-3704 to schedule in advance.

EQ Compost Analysis*




EPA EQ Metal Limit




EPA EQ Metal Limit

pH   6.5-7.6   Hg mg/kg 0.34-0.63 17
Dry Matter % 43-51   Ni mg/kg 21-43 420
As mg/kg <5 41 Pb mg/kg 40-51 300
Cd mg/kg 1.0-2.0 39 Se mg/kg <5 100
Cu mg/kg 187-401 1,500 Zn mg/kg 326-645 2,800
*EQ Compost meets Exceptional Quality (EQ) criteria, which is the highest quality standards for biosolids established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Find more information EQ Composts Safety Data Sheet and EQ Biosolids.


State law prohibits the application of EQ Compost on snow-covered or frozen ground. Additionally, EQ Compost must be applied in a manner that follows recommended application rates when used on agricultural land, and must be applied in a manner that follows best management practices to protect water quality when used on all other land.