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For information about District events, facilities and photos, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at 312-751-6633 or

One particular MWRD facility is a popular destination for wedding parties due to it's pleasant scenery and lush landscape. Sidestream Elevated Pool Aeration (SEPA) Station #4 in the Village of Worth, featured in the photo below, was designed with the theme of "lagoon in a wooded grove" and includes a pavilion, walking/running paths, pedestrian bridges and a scenic overlook on 12.5 acres. There is no fee for photo shoots on this property, but you are required to call in advance to register your date and time. Alcohol is prohibited on MWRD property. Please call or send an e-mail to the MWRD Office of Public Affairs to register your event or to request more information. 312-751-6633 or

Worth SEPA Station