To request educational resources and printed materials such as brochures, maps and coloring books, please contact the Office of Public Affairs by calling 312-751-6633 or by sending an e-mail to

A Healthy Waterway Begins With You: A Guide to Water Wellness (English / Spanish)
A Milestone of Service and Protection: The MWRD Turns 130 (English / Spanish)
NEW: Chicago Waterways Boat Tour (English / Spanish)
Chicago Area Waterways Control Structures
Color it Blue (coloring booklet) (English / Spanish)
Drug Free Drains
Good Neighbors Communicate/1-800-DUMP (English / Spanish)
Into the Fields, Woods and Wetlands of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Properties
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago: A Utility of the Future
MWRD Fact Sheet - Calumet WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - Egan WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - Hanover Park WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - Kirie WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - Lemont WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - O'Brien WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - Stickney WRP
MWRD Fact Sheet - Tunnel and Reservoir Plan
MWRD Tours & Presentations
Native Plants
Pipe-Up Family Game| WEF
Rain Barrel Guide (English / Spanish)
Restore the Canopy, Plant a Tree (brochure)
Restore the Canopy, Plant a Tree (flyer) (English/Spanish version)
Think! Beyond the Banks; Eco-Friendly Cleaning Recipes  (English / Spanish
Think Inside the Box for unused drugs (English / Spanish
Time for School
Understanding Your Sewer (English / Spanish / Polish)
Water Conservation and Reuse: Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day