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MWRD Speakers Bureau Available for Schools & Community Groups

Dr. Kuldip Kumar, Senior Environmental Soil Scientist, discusses the value and benefits of composted biosolids at the 2016 Sustainability Summit. Yvonne Lefler, Principal Civil Engineer, speaks with youth about her role as an engineer. Brandon Reynolds, Laboratory Technician II, discusses how microbes are involved in the water treatment process. Dr. Guanglong Tian, Principal Environmental Scientist, discusses the value and benefits of composted biosolids at the 2016 Sustainability Summit. Tiffany Poole, Assistant Environmental Chemist, leads students through a hands-on practicum to test water samples for pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia and nitrate levels in 2016 at the Museum of Science and Industry. Jennifer Wasik, Principal Environmental Scientist, discusses how she uses electrofishing to assess the effects of MWRD’s work to improve water quality in Chicago area waterways by answering the question, “what lives in the river? Jim Yurik, Principal Civil Engineer, speaks about stormwater management and the mission of the MWRD to a group of students, parents and community-members at a Space to Grow Stormwater Workshop at Grissom Elementary School in Chicago in 2016. Toni Glymph, Senior Environmental Microbiologist, describes how waste is broken down at water reclamation plants during the WEFTEC 2017 Water Palooza Event at Manierre Elementary School in Chicago.
Speaker Available for Kindergarten through College-aged students
The MWRD Community Education Specialist is available to visit schools and provide students and teachers with important information about the work of the MWRD, including how we treat used water, how the “Deep Tunnel” works, and how we’re improving water quality which has increased the number of fish in our local waterways, for example.

The specialist is available to give lectures to community organizations on similar topics such as the history of the MWRD, what is green infrastructure and how does it help manage stormwater, how you can help improve area water quality, why water conservation is important, how the MWRD is recovering resources, how sewers work, why trees are important, how the Chicago Area Waterway System operates, or what are the types of careers at the MWRD.

For many years the Community Education Specialist has given hundreds of presentations at Chicago Public Schools and public and private schools throughout Cook County. While always informative, the specialist also assists educators in fulfilling the necessary learning standards as required by the state and school districts.

Specialized Speakers Available
Would you like to have a scientist, chemist, microbiologist or lab technician speak to your chemistry class? Were you hoping for an engineer to address your Career Day assembly? Do you need a STEM presentation? We are here to help!

To request our community education speaker or a specialized speaker, please complete our online request form.

Click here to request a speaker.

Please note that although a minimum two-week notice is requested, all submissions will be considered for MWRD participation.

Please contact the Office of Public Affairs at (312) 751-6634 or email for additional information.

The MWRD Speakers Bureau is a free community service!

Educational Resources

When the speaker arrives at your institution, he or she will bring a variety of educational materials to be used as a follow up to the visit. Some will be colorful brochures and others will be instructive worksheets. If you would prefer literature via mail, please call (312) 751-6634 to have materials mailed directly to your school.

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