Treasury Department


About Us

The mission of the Treasury Section is to provide quality management of the District’s financial resources by maximizing income on investments with minimal risk; issuing bonds to finance the wastewater collection, treatment, and flood control facilities’ capital needs; cost-effectively meeting the cash requirements of the District’s  operations, utilizing appropriate technology and efficient banking practices; and maintaining the District’s outstanding bond ratings.

The Treasury Department has three major focuses:

  1. Cash and Investments: Cash Management includes timely provision of adequate funds for necessary District disbursements through liquidity cash flow analysis by fund and  administration of inflows/outflows of cash via wire and transfers. Investment management is the investment of District receipts and revenues, with emphasis on preservation of principal while maximizing yield through varying economic cycles.

  2. Debt: Debt Management includes issuance of bonds, making on-time payments to bond holders, maintaining an ongoing efficient debt structure, monitoring the debt service extension base capacity, and maintaining the District’s outstanding bond ratings.

  3. Other Post Employment Benefits (“OPEB”) Trust: Treasury manages the assets of the District’s Retiree Healthcare Trust subject to prudent investor standards and any requirements of federal law.


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