Monitoring & Research

This department is responsible for:

Providing analytical laboratory support for use in controlling treatment and other operations;
Control of industrial waste discharge to the collecting sewer system and waterways and the reduction of those offending discharges. This is in order to reduce District's operating costs and allow for a greater range of options for the disposal of WRP products. This is accomplished via administration of the Sewage and Waste Control Ordinance and the USEPA approved Pretreatment Program. Full implementation of the Pretreatment Program and increased surveillance of the industry will insure that the District operations, including solids disposal, meet regulatory requirements;
Recovery of District's operating costs for treating excess industrial wastes is accomplished via administration of the USEPA-approved User Charge Program for collection of revenues from tax-exempt and large commercial and industrial dischargers;
Monitoring the environmental quality of Lake Michigan, area rivers and canals, and the Illinois River documents the effectiveness of the District's wastewater treatment program and provides a basis for comparison for the impact of industrial development;
Assisting in the resolution of sewage treatment and solids utilization operational problems;
Providing other departments and agencies with wastewater treatment, wastewater management, and solids processing related technical assistance upon request;
Conducting applied and operations research to achieve improvement and cost reductions in District wastewater treatment, waterways management, and solids processing activities.



Key Staff:

Edward Podczerwinski, Director of Monitoring and Research
Thomas Kunetz, Assistant Director of Monitoring and Research – Executive Division
John Chavich, Assistant Director of Monitoring and Research – Analytical Laboratories Division
Heng Zhang, Assistant Director of Monitoring and Research – Environmental Monitoring & Research Division
Vacant, Assistant Director of Monitoring and Research – Industrial Waste Division