Residency Rules

All District employees must live within the State of Illinois. With a few exceptions, all employees hired after December 31, 1987 (and anyone returning to employment after a break in service) must live within the boundaries of the District.

Link to District Statute at residency language
Link to District Personnel Rules about residency

New employees must be domiciled within the District boundaries within six months of completion of probation. If the employee does not move into the District within the required time period, the employee is subject to discharge from employment.

Existing employees who submit a change of address must also prove residency.

  1. If the start-date-District is December 31, 1987 or earlier, the employee must prove residency within Illinois.
  2. If the start-date-District is after December 31, 1987, the employee must prove residency within District boundaries.

Mistakes can be expensive! ALWAYS verify an address with the District for residency compliance before making an offer on a home or signing a lease

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