Law Department


Provides counsel to the Board of Commissioners, Executive Director and department heads;
arrow Enforces environmental ordinances to assure compliance by dischargers within the District's jurisdiction with federal and state pollution control laws;
arrow Works with the USEPA, IEPA and District staff to insure that the District complies with legal aspects of regulations governing discharges from District plants to waterways;
arrow Represents the District in all litigation at the trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts;
arrow Represents the District before administrative agencies;
arrow Provides for the administration of MWRD real estate;
arrow Investigates property damage and personal injury claims, handles Workers Compensation cases;
arrow Manages legal aspects of personnel matters and litigation before the Civil Service Board; and
arrow Monitors, drafts and advocates legislation.

For Public Viewing:

arrow Real Estate Atlas

arrow Comprehensive Land Use Policy

arrow Leasing District Real Estate Directions and Procedures

Executive Office (312) 751-6557
Contracts and Finance Division (312) 751-6581
Employment Division (312) 751-6580
Environmental, Construction, Torts Division (312) 751-6570

Real Estate Division

(312) 751-6594

User Charge Division (312) 751-6569



Key Staff:

Susan Morakalis, General Counsel
100 E. Erie Street
Chicago, Il 60611
(312) 751-6557