Information Technology Department
  Mission Statement: "To provide cost effective business technology, communication, and data security services that support business practices and provide access to information for decision-making for all departments."

In pursuit of this mission, the Department of Information Technology coordinates the planning and implementation of information technology throughout the District. In addition, this Department establishes District-wide computer standards; monitors and oversees computer security; and provides support for numerous District-wide applications.



Key Staff:

John Sudduth, Director of Information Technology
100 E. Erie Street
Chicago, Il 60611
(312) 751-5810




The Information Technology Department (ITD) is responsible for:

arrow Refining and maintaining a District-wide information strategy plan;

arrow Providing internal consulting services and team support to departments in their employment of information technology;

arrow Developing information processing and development standards;

arrow Providing systems analysis and programming services for computer-based application systems;

arrow Providing application programming, configuration maintenance, and online support maintenance for SAP R/3;

arrow Providing capacity planning and software support;

arrow Maintaining and operating the District-wide, wide-area computer network and the MOB local-area network;

arrow Managing of the District’s telephone system and wireless communications;

arrow Providing Help Desk support services to users;

arrow Providing maintenance for computers and hardware peripherals District-wide; and

arrow Overseeing computer security for all District users of information technology.