State Revolving Fund (SRF) Project Public Notification


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has implemented a nationwide initiative focused on enhancing public awareness of EPA financial assistance.  Another goal of this initiative is to increase public awareness regarding improvements that municipalities make as a result of the SRF loan programs.  Beginning October 1, 2015, all loan recipients in Illinois are required to make project public notifications.

The SRF Loan Fund provides low-interest loans to finance qualifying projects. Upon project completion, District bonds are issued at the same low-interest rate. The current interest rate for new loans to the District is 1.84 percent. The District has authorized approximately $2.2 billion of SRF loans since the program's inception. Several projects are currently financed through SRF loans.

The District expects to receive $120.0 million in 2019 and approximately $175.0 million annually from SRF loans for the next several years. The SRF Loan Fund replaced the Federal Construction Grants program from which the District had historically received 55 to 75 percent direct funding for qualifying capital improvements.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has received SRF loan funding from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Water Pollution Control Program for the following projects in the year indicated. Click on the project title for more information on the project.

SRF Loan No. L173062 -- MWRD Contract No. 06-155-3S Salt Creek Intercepting Sewer 2 Rehabilitation, SSA
SRF Loan No. L175223 -- MWRD Contract No. 09-182-3E D799 Switchgear Replacement, Stickney Water Reclamation Plant

SRF Loan No. L175152 -- MWRD Contract No. 04-132-3D A/B and C/D Service Tunnel Rehabilitation - Phase Two, Stickney WRP
SRF Loan No. L175263 -- MWRD Contract No. 11-239-3S Calumet Intercepting Sewer 19F Rehabilitation, CSA
SRF Loan No. L175305 -- MWRD Contract No. 10-237-3F Streambank Stabilization Project on Oak Lawn Creek
SRF Loan No. L175342 -- MWRD Contract No. 13-106-4F McCook Reservoir Des Plaines Inflow Tunnel, SSA
SRF Loan No. L175355 -- MWRD Contract No. 14-061-3S Glenbrook Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, NSA
SRF Loan No. L175366 -- MWRD Contract No. 15-120-3P Conversion of Old GCTs to WASSTRIP Process, SWRP
SRF Loan No. L175368 -- MWRD Contract No. 15-123-3D Safety Railing Around Tanks, Stickney WRP
SRF Loan No. L175371 -- MWRD Contract No. 15-265-3D Safety Railing Around Tanks, Calumet WRP
SRF Loan No. L175372 -- MWRD Contract No. 15-072-3D Safety Railing Around Tanks, O’Brien WRP
SRF Loan No. L174555 -- MWRD Contract No. 04-128-3P Westside Primary Settling Tanks 1-9 and Aerated Grit Facility, Stickney WRP

SRF Loan No. L175369 -- MWRD Contract No. 15-124-3P Conversion of Two New GCTs to Primary Sludge Fermenters, SWRP
SRF Loan No. L175460 -- MWRD Contract No. 16-125-4F McCook Reservoir Expanded Stage 2 Slope Stabilization and Retaining Walls

SRF Loan No. L175367 -- MWRD Contract No. 13-106-4F McCook Reservoir Des Plaines Inflow Tunnel, SSA
SRF Loan No. L175539 -- MWRD Contract No. 16-079-3D Rehabilitation of North Branch Pumping Station, NSA

SRF Loan No. L172129 -- MWRD Contract No. 17-844-3P Furnish and Install Odor Control System, Calumet, Hanover Park and Kirie Water Reclamation Plants
SRF Loan No. L175517 -- MWRD Contract No. 11-186-3F Addison Creek Reservoir, Bellwood, IL