The District is organized by Departments, listed below, and you can access all services and resources available by clicking on the Department name.

Engineering: The Engineering Department is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing a Capital Improvement Program that meets the District's statutory responsibilities. more
Finance: The mission of the Finance Department is to provide accurate, economical, and efficient financial payment, collection, accounting and reporting services on the transactions of the District. more
General Administration: General Administration supports the office of the Executive Director in implementing Board policies. The organization includes the Affirmative Action, Management and Budget, Facilities, Police, and Public Affairs. more
Human Resources: The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide effective human resource management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that align with the stated organizational mission and goals. more
Information Technology: The mission of the Information Technology Department (ITD) is to align information technology with the stated goals and objectives of the District. more 
Law: The mission of the Law Department is to provide cost-effective counsel, representation, litigation, and real estate administration services for the District. more 
Maintenance & Operations: The Maintenance and Operations Department consists of four divisions, three of which are field divisions that relate logistically to the District's 872 square mile service area, and a centralized General Division that provides administrative support throughout the Department. more
Monitoring & Research: The mission of the Monitoring and Research Department (M&R) is to protect the sewerage system, water reclamation plants, and receiving waterways from toxic industrial waste discharges; and provide analytical laboratory services for the District. more
Procurement & Materials Management: The mission of the Department of Procurement and Materials Management is to procure materials and services required for District operations. more
Treasury: There are currently three major focuses of the Treasury Department: cash, investment, and debt management. more