Enforcement Section Forms

These forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader click here to go to Adobe's website to download a version of the Reader.



Compliance Schedule — RD-112 revised 09/01/2013 (Now Fillable!)

Final Compliance Report — RD-114 revised 09/01/2013 (Now Fillable!)

Continued Compliance Report — RD-115 revised 09/01/2013 (Now Fillable!)

Pretreatment Malfunction, Slug Discharge, Bypass, or Accidental Spill Notification Report — RD-116

Discharge Authorization Request — RD-118 (with instructions)

Discharge Authorization — General Conditions

Priority Pollutants Monthly Reporting Form — RD-202

Chemical Toilet Wastes Permit Application — RD-400 (Fillable)

Chemical Toilet Waste Disposal Report — RD-401 (Fillable)

Chemical Toilet Wastes Coupon Order Form (Fillable) (with instructions)

Special Discharge Authorization Request Form — SDA-100 (with instructions)

Special Discharge Authorization Request Raw Wastewater Priority Pollutant Report — SDA-202 revised 7/26/05

Special Discharge Authorization Priority Pollutant Monthly Report — SDA-203

FVEC - Report of Flammable, Volatile, Explosive, Corrosive Materials revised 07/05

Request for Confidentiality of Document Submitted in Compliance with User Charge Ordinance and/or Sewage and Waste Control Ordinance  08/17