Doing Business with the District

Doing business with the District is easy within our on-line portal. Select any of the following service options to begin:

Affirmative Action: Steps for doing business with the District. All vendors should monitor the Coming Contracts section of this web site for new opportunities to bid on MWRDGC contracts or RFPs as a prime contractor/consultant or to prepare scopes of work and prices for subcontract opportunities. more
Commercial &
Industrial Users:
M&R News items, links for Significant Industrial Users, User Charge Rates, User Compliance List and important Industrial User Guidance Documents more
Dental Amalgam: The Dental Amalgam Program is a new part of the EPA’s Pretreatment Program (40 CFR 403 & 40 CRF 441) requiring dental offices to report the presence and treatment processes related to dental amalgam. more
Enforcement Section
The Enforcement Section has the following forms available: Compliance Schedule (RD-112), Final Compliance Report (RD-114), Continued Compliance Report (RD-115), Pretreatment Malfunction, Slug Discharge, Bypass, or Accidental Spill Notification Report (RD-116) more
Infiltration/Inflow Control Programs: Here readers can find meeting minutes and documents related to the Advisory Technical Panel, a comprehensive O&M manual for sewer systems, links to I/I resources, the Annual Summary Report form, and MWRD annual reports on excessive I/I elimination. more
Ordinances: The District has the following Ordinances available: Environmental Remediation Wastewater Ordinance, Septic Tank, Cesspool, and Chemical Toilet Wastes Disposal Ordinance, Sewage and Waste Control Ordinance, User Charge Ordinance, Rules Governing Board Appeals, Sewer Permit Ordinance more
Procurement &
Materials Management:
The mission of the Department of Procurement and Materials Management is to procure materials and services required for District operations in compliance with the Purchasing Act, as mandated by Illinois State Statute. more
Real Estate: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District's Right-of-Ways more
Resource Recovery The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) continues its legacy of innovation and ingenuity with its Resource Recovery Program. By reclaiming, processing, and reusing solids, stormwater, and discarded materials like yard and food waste, the MWRD is transforming these materials into environmentally friendly products like our biosolids compost and renewable energy for everyday use. We offer a green alternative to disposal of these materials.  more
Sewer Permit Information: Effective May 1, 2014, the Board of Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (District) repealed the Sewer Permit Ordinance (SPO) and Manual of Procedures for the Administration of the Sewer Permit Ordinance (MOP), with the exception of Article 6-5 of the MOP pertaining to regulation of excessive inflow and infiltration, as both ordinances are now subsumed into the Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO).  more
User Charge
Section Forms:
The User Charge Section has the following forms available: Facility Classification Questionnaire (FCQ) Instruction and Form, Notification of User's Monitoring/Sampling Dates User Charge Certified Sampling Analysis Reporting Statement RD-920 more
WMO Permit Information: These forms may be of interest to people and organizations within the boundaries of the District. We will provide forms that can be submitted to us electronically in the future when digital signatures are acceptable to our organization. more