Requests for Previously Issued Sewer Permits
  Effective July 1, 2011, requests for information regarding previously issued Sewerage System Permits (Sewer Permits) and documents (calculations, drawings and exhibits) do not need to be made by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests but can be addressed directly to our Permit Inquiry Inbox at An email describing the location in question and a location map with the project site will initiate a search for sewer permits in that area. Please provide a contact person and phone number. Please be aware that the MWRD does not issue sewer permits within the City of Chicago unless a direct connection is made to an MWRD intercepting sewer or other facility. Contact the City’s Department of Water Management for such requests.

Requests for information regarding Discharge Authorizations and User Charge fees, which are administered by the Monitoring and Research Department, will still need to be made through a FOIA request.

Note that requests for information that involve multiple Departments such as Engineering, Law and Monitoring and Research will still require a FOIA request.